Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FOTD: Cool in the Summer

I really don't have a description for this look. However, I did use a grey mascara along grey eyeliner! It's a little hard to notice when you see it straight on but you can see it from a profile (2nd pic). Enjoy!

Here's pics of some of the things I used..

Face & Body C2 (MAC) - foundation
Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - powder & concealer
Prolongwear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Get Away Bronze (MAC) - blush [l.e: To the Beach]
Spun Sugar (Flirt!) - highlight [discontinued]

Lingering pencil (MAC) - eyebrows
Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Nude cream color base (MAC) - eyeshadow base [pro product]
Honey Lemonade (Flirt!) - highlight
Bo-Peep (Flirt!) - browbone
Blue Spruce / eyeshadow duo: right (MAC) - crease [l.e: Glitter & Ice]
Silverwear / eyeshadow duo: left (MAC) - lid [l.e: Glitter & Ice]
Grey Utility powerpoint pencil (MAC) - top liner
Iris Accents soft sparkle pencil (MAC) - bottom liner [l.e: Magic, Mirth, and Mischief]
High Esteem (MAC) - mascara [l.e: Flighty]

Eastend Snob (Rimmel) - lip liner
Bashful (Flirt!) - lipstick
Pinkster (Flirt!) - lip gloss

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FOTD: Fun with some brownies :)

I kind of made up this look as I went along. I new I wanted to try my new Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo. Since I was using a cream shadow, I tried to use mostly cream products for this look and I was able to use the same color on my eyes & cheeks.

MatchMaster 2.0 (MAC) - foundation
Pink Rebel lustre drops (MAC) - mixed with foundation
Radiant Rose prep+prime (MAC) - highlight
Beach Bronze cream bronzer (MAC) - bronzer [l.e: To the Beach]
10 Fierce & Tangy 24hr color tattoo (Maybelline) - blush

Rich Ground fluidline (MAC) + Studio Finish concealer nw25 (MAC)

Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Chamomile (MAC) - highlight [l.e: Warm & Cozy]
Naked Dark pigment (MAC) - crease [pro product]
Deep Brown pigment (MAC) - to deepen crease [pro product]
10 Fierce & Tangy 24hr color tattoo (Maybelline) - lid
Goldmine (MAC) - inner corner
Costa Riche eye kohl (MAC) - inner top liner
Graphblack technakohl (MAC) - outer top liner
El Dorado 24/7 liner (Urban Decay) - bottom liner
Extreme Black False Lashes (MAC) - mascara

510 Echo (NYX) - lipstick
Ember Glow lipglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Spring Color Forecast]

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hey Everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I haven't posted since winter!! I honestly haven't been motived to create any looks and actually use makeup I've been purchasing for the past few months. I'm going to try and get back in the grind of blogging. 

I've been wanting to create a look using MAC's Lady Grey palette that came out in their FALL '11 collection. So I challenged myself to make it look wearable for the spring. The palette itself has light mauves and greenish grays. I played up some of the greens and pulled some pinky colors into the rest of my makeup. I hope you like!

(side note: Because the eye makeup ended up coming out very glowy, it was a little difficult to photograph. So bare with me!)

Powderflage (Benefit) - under eye concealer
#20 Blu_Ray pressed powder (Cargo) - foundation powder
Personal Style blush (MAC) - contour [l.e: All Ages, All Races, All Sexes]
Cherry Blossom (Cargo: PlantLove) - blush
Accentuate Sculpt & Shape powder (MAC) - highlight [Mac pro product]
Lingering pencil (MAC) - brows

Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eyeshadow base
Cakeshop shadestick (MAC) - eyelid [l.e: Mac Me Over]
All Races: lady grey palette (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Lady Grey: lady grey palette (MAC) - crease [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Hazy Day: lady grey palette (MAC) - inner & outer corner, lower lashline [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Femme Fi (MAC) - brow highlight [l.e: Neo Sci-Fi]
Revolver 24/7 liquid eyeliner (Urban Decay) - top liner
Grey Utility powerpoint pencil (MAC) - lower liner
False Lashes Extreme Black (MAC) - mascara

Must Have Mauve #960 (Maybelline) - lipstick
Butterfly Dream plushglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Vera]

Friday, November 18, 2011

Minty Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a look using Mac's new mineralize eyeshadow "Shimmermint" from the winter Glitter & Ice collection. I'm also using Club eyeshadow which is a color I think everyone loves and needs. This look can be worn for any night time event or holiday party. Have Fun!

Prep + Prime Skin (MAC) - primer
Prolongwear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Studio Fix powder (MAC) - foundation
Garb (MAC) - blush [l.e.: Pret -A- Papier]

Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eyeshadow primer
Soft Ochre paint pot (MAC) - eyeshadow base
Ricepaper (MAC) - highlight
Soft Brown (MAC) - crease
Club (MAC) - inner & outer corners
Shimmermint (MAC) - center of lid [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]
Corrupt 24/7 glide on pencil (Urban Decay) - eyeliner and inner & outer corners
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara
#001 (Elegant Lashes) - false eyelashes

Dervish (MAC) - lip liner
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lipstick
Dressed to Dazzle dazzleglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]

Friday, November 11, 2011

Colored Cat eyeliner =^..^=

n this look I used a mixture of Mac and Flirt! cosmetics. I love Flirt! The quality of it is very similar to Mac. They also have similar colors. (Review coming soon)

As far as cat eyes go, there are many ways to create a cat eye. This version is good if you want something quick and simple. If you want a little bit of drama, use a colored eyeliner. Enjoy

Prep + Prime skin (MAC) - primer
Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - foundation
Bronze Kissed (Flirt!) - bronzer
All Dolled Up (Flirt!) - blush
Porcelain Pink mineralize skinfinish (MAC) - highlight (l.e: Fall Colors)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - primer
Bo-Peep (Flirt!) - all over lid & crease
Cream Puff (Flirt!) - browbone & highlight
Midnight Blues fluidline (MAC) - eyeliner (l.e: Mac Me Over)
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara

Pale Pink (NYX) - lip liner
Bashful (Flirt!) - lipstick
Big on Beige (Flirt!) - lipgloss

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Icy!

For this look I was inspired by my girl Jen. She did a look using silvery colors and I wanted to do my version of her FOTD: She-Zam. I'm in love with this wintery, icy look. Great for the holidays!

eye detail

What I used:

Prep + Prime Skin (MAC) - primer
Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC) - liquid foundation
Prolong Wear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Studio Sculpt concealer (MAC) - spot/blemish coverage
Select Sheer pressed (MAC) - powder
Cubic (MAC) - blush
Snow Season mineralize eyeshadow (MAC) - face highlight [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Soft Ochre paint pot (MAC) - eye shadow base
Bisque (MAC) - browbone
Moshi! Moshi! (MAC) - highlight [l.e.: Quite Cute]
Print (MAC) - crease
Platinum pigment (MAC) - lid [MAC pro product]
Sugar Pie eyeliner (Flirt!) - lower waterline
Idol Eyes (MAC) - lower lid
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara
#33 (MAC) - false eyelashes

Whirls & Twirls (MAC) - lipstick [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]
She-Zam dazzleglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e.: Glitter & Ice and Magic, Mirth, & Mischief]

Friday, September 30, 2011

Gold Persimmon

I love creating looks on face charts! I made a couple of eye looks on face charts that I will attempt to duplicate on my eyes. Enjoy!! And yes it's another orange looks.. I need to retire that color for a while :(
Now it's not going to look exactly the same because colors are more intense on white paper. I did change a couple things like the liner extended on the inner eye and the darkness of the mascara.

Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - foundation
Studio Finish (MAC) - spot concealer
Refined Golden (MAC) - bronzer
Cherry Blossom (Cargo) - blush

Chamomile (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Warm & Cozy]
Outre (MAC) - crease [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Persimmon (Ben Nye) - lid
Melon pigment (MAC) - center of lid
Heritage Rouge pigment (MAC) - lower lid [l.e: Makeup Art Cosmetics]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - eye liner
It Curl (Flirt) - mascara

717 Coffee jumbo lip pencil (NYX) - liner
Now In Season lip gelee (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Fashion Flower]