Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FOTD: Cool in the Summer

I really don't have a description for this look. However, I did use a grey mascara along grey eyeliner! It's a little hard to notice when you see it straight on but you can see it from a profile (2nd pic). Enjoy!

Here's pics of some of the things I used..

Face & Body C2 (MAC) - foundation
Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - powder & concealer
Prolongwear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Get Away Bronze (MAC) - blush [l.e: To the Beach]
Spun Sugar (Flirt!) - highlight [discontinued]

Lingering pencil (MAC) - eyebrows
Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Nude cream color base (MAC) - eyeshadow base [pro product]
Honey Lemonade (Flirt!) - highlight
Bo-Peep (Flirt!) - browbone
Blue Spruce / eyeshadow duo: right (MAC) - crease [l.e: Glitter & Ice]
Silverwear / eyeshadow duo: left (MAC) - lid [l.e: Glitter & Ice]
Grey Utility powerpoint pencil (MAC) - top liner
Iris Accents soft sparkle pencil (MAC) - bottom liner [l.e: Magic, Mirth, and Mischief]
High Esteem (MAC) - mascara [l.e: Flighty]

Eastend Snob (Rimmel) - lip liner
Bashful (Flirt!) - lipstick
Pinkster (Flirt!) - lip gloss

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FOTD: Fun with some brownies :)

I kind of made up this look as I went along. I new I wanted to try my new Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo. Since I was using a cream shadow, I tried to use mostly cream products for this look and I was able to use the same color on my eyes & cheeks.

MatchMaster 2.0 (MAC) - foundation
Pink Rebel lustre drops (MAC) - mixed with foundation
Radiant Rose prep+prime (MAC) - highlight
Beach Bronze cream bronzer (MAC) - bronzer [l.e: To the Beach]
10 Fierce & Tangy 24hr color tattoo (Maybelline) - blush

Rich Ground fluidline (MAC) + Studio Finish concealer nw25 (MAC)

Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Chamomile (MAC) - highlight [l.e: Warm & Cozy]
Naked Dark pigment (MAC) - crease [pro product]
Deep Brown pigment (MAC) - to deepen crease [pro product]
10 Fierce & Tangy 24hr color tattoo (Maybelline) - lid
Goldmine (MAC) - inner corner
Costa Riche eye kohl (MAC) - inner top liner
Graphblack technakohl (MAC) - outer top liner
El Dorado 24/7 liner (Urban Decay) - bottom liner
Extreme Black False Lashes (MAC) - mascara

510 Echo (NYX) - lipstick
Ember Glow lipglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Spring Color Forecast]