Friday, November 18, 2011

Minty Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a look using Mac's new mineralize eyeshadow "Shimmermint" from the winter Glitter & Ice collection. I'm also using Club eyeshadow which is a color I think everyone loves and needs. This look can be worn for any night time event or holiday party. Have Fun!

Prep + Prime Skin (MAC) - primer
Prolongwear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Studio Fix powder (MAC) - foundation
Garb (MAC) - blush [l.e.: Pret -A- Papier]

Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eyeshadow primer
Soft Ochre paint pot (MAC) - eyeshadow base
Ricepaper (MAC) - highlight
Soft Brown (MAC) - crease
Club (MAC) - inner & outer corners
Shimmermint (MAC) - center of lid [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]
Corrupt 24/7 glide on pencil (Urban Decay) - eyeliner and inner & outer corners
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara
#001 (Elegant Lashes) - false eyelashes

Dervish (MAC) - lip liner
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lipstick
Dressed to Dazzle dazzleglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]

Friday, November 11, 2011

Colored Cat eyeliner =^..^=

n this look I used a mixture of Mac and Flirt! cosmetics. I love Flirt! The quality of it is very similar to Mac. They also have similar colors. (Review coming soon)

As far as cat eyes go, there are many ways to create a cat eye. This version is good if you want something quick and simple. If you want a little bit of drama, use a colored eyeliner. Enjoy

Prep + Prime skin (MAC) - primer
Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - foundation
Bronze Kissed (Flirt!) - bronzer
All Dolled Up (Flirt!) - blush
Porcelain Pink mineralize skinfinish (MAC) - highlight (l.e: Fall Colors)

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - primer
Bo-Peep (Flirt!) - all over lid & crease
Cream Puff (Flirt!) - browbone & highlight
Midnight Blues fluidline (MAC) - eyeliner (l.e: Mac Me Over)
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara

Pale Pink (NYX) - lip liner
Bashful (Flirt!) - lipstick
Big on Beige (Flirt!) - lipgloss

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Icy!

For this look I was inspired by my girl Jen. She did a look using silvery colors and I wanted to do my version of her FOTD: She-Zam. I'm in love with this wintery, icy look. Great for the holidays!

eye detail

What I used:

Prep + Prime Skin (MAC) - primer
Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC) - liquid foundation
Prolong Wear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Studio Sculpt concealer (MAC) - spot/blemish coverage
Select Sheer pressed (MAC) - powder
Cubic (MAC) - blush
Snow Season mineralize eyeshadow (MAC) - face highlight [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Urban Decay) - eye primer
Soft Ochre paint pot (MAC) - eye shadow base
Bisque (MAC) - browbone
Moshi! Moshi! (MAC) - highlight [l.e.: Quite Cute]
Print (MAC) - crease
Platinum pigment (MAC) - lid [MAC pro product]
Sugar Pie eyeliner (Flirt!) - lower waterline
Idol Eyes (MAC) - lower lid
It Curl (Flirt!) - mascara
#33 (MAC) - false eyelashes

Whirls & Twirls (MAC) - lipstick [l.e.: Glitter & Ice]
She-Zam dazzleglass (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e.: Glitter & Ice and Magic, Mirth, & Mischief]

Friday, September 30, 2011

Gold Persimmon

I love creating looks on face charts! I made a couple of eye looks on face charts that I will attempt to duplicate on my eyes. Enjoy!! And yes it's another orange looks.. I need to retire that color for a while :(
Now it's not going to look exactly the same because colors are more intense on white paper. I did change a couple things like the liner extended on the inner eye and the darkness of the mascara.

Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - foundation
Studio Finish (MAC) - spot concealer
Refined Golden (MAC) - bronzer
Cherry Blossom (Cargo) - blush

Chamomile (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Warm & Cozy]
Outre (MAC) - crease [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Persimmon (Ben Nye) - lid
Melon pigment (MAC) - center of lid
Heritage Rouge pigment (MAC) - lower lid [l.e: Makeup Art Cosmetics]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - eye liner
It Curl (Flirt) - mascara

717 Coffee jumbo lip pencil (NYX) - liner
Now In Season lip gelee (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Fashion Flower]

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ChinaGlaze : Peachy keen

I don't really care for entries about nails but I thought I'd share this because I've received soooo many compliments on this nail color. I purchased it at Ulta and was actually looking for a specific color (one similar to Ravishing lipstick by MAC.) So basically a very milky peach/salmon. I love this color so much! It gives a nice opaque coverage with a cream finish. Nice and long lasting!

# 868 "Peachy Keen" (China Glaze)

Monday, August 15, 2011

MAC Cosmetics: Teals & Pink

Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC)
Careblends Essential Oils (MAC) - mixed with foundation
Careblend pressed powder (MAC)
Gentle mineral blush (MAC)
Honey Rose magically cool liquid powder (MAC) - highlight

Bisque (MAC) - browbone
Daisychain (MAC) - highlight [l.e.: Originals]
Newly Minted (MAC) - crease & lower lash line [discontinued]
Brun (MAC) - outer corner
Blue Brown pigment (MAC) - outer lid
Jest (MAC) - inner lid
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - top liner
Smolder eye kohl (MAC) - waterline
Studio Fix boldblack lash (MAC) - mascara

Mlle (MAC) - lipstick [l.e.: Fashion Flower]
Schemer (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e.: Fabulous Felines]

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Heat

I've been addicted to this look for about 2 weeks now. I've owned MAC's "Red Brick" eyeshadow for a while and haven't used it, until now!! I've also been playing around with my skin trying to make it look more dewey and bronze. Enjoy!

Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC)
Beach Bronze creme bronzer (MAC) - bronzer (l.e: To The Beach)
#14 HD blush (Make Up For Ever) - blush

Daisychain (MAC) - browbone (l.e: Originals)
Sun Blonde (MAC) - crease  (l.e: Surf Baby)
Red Brick (MAC) - lid & lower lid
Arena (MAC) - lid, blended on top of Red Brick
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - top liner
Studio Fix Bold Black Lash (MAC) - mascara
#35 (MAC) - lashes

Good Lovin' (MAC) - lipgloss

Saturday, May 28, 2011

FOTD: MAC - Surf Baby

I actually really like this summer collection. I'm happy to see a new yellow eyeshadow because I can never have too many yellow eyeshadows. I havent used yellow in a while or wore orange lips in a while. Enjoy the extreme close ups :)!

Mineralize Satin Finish foundation (MAC)
Careblend pressed powder (MAC)
Solar Riche (MAC) - bronzer [l.e: Surf Baby]
My Paradise (MAC) - blush [l.e: Surf Baby]

Soba eyeshadow (MAC)
Lingering eyebrow pencil (MAC)

Sun Blonde (MAC) - crease [l.e: Surf Baby]
Surf The Ocean crushed metal pigment: deep gold color (MAC) - lid [l.e: Surf Baby]
Honey Lemonade (Flirt!) - highlight
Surf The Ocean crushed metal pigment: light green color (MAC) - lower lashline [l.e: Surf Baby]
Gilded White powerpoint (MAC) - lower waterline [l.e: Surf Baby]
Defiantly Feline superslick liquid liner (MAC) - top eyeliner
Zoom Fast Black Lash (MAC) - mascara
#36 (MAC) - false eyelashes

Mouth Off (MAC) - lipliner [l.e: Too Fabulous]
Hibiscus (MAC) - lipstick [l.e: Surf Baby]
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lip

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Flare

I wanted to do... actually, I didn't know what I was doing haha. This is the look I wore to the Raphael Saadiq concert and I will say that if you like R&B Soul music, then his show is a must go. Anyway, I just wanted to look really warm and springlike. I've also been wanting to use some products I havent used in a long time. ENJOY!

Mineralize SPF15 Foundation (MAC) - foundation
Mineral Veil SPF 20 (Bare Minerals)  - powder
#14 High Definition Blush Creme (Make Up Forever) - blush

Daisychain (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Originals]
Juiced (MAC) - crease [discontinued]
Saddle (MAC) -outer crease
Brun (MAC) -outer corner
Fuchsia pigment (MAC) - outer half of lid
Crest the Wave (MAC) - inner half and corner [l.e: Makeup Art Cosmetics]
Full Of Fuchsia technakohl liner (MAC) - bottom lashline [l.e: Makeup Art Cosmetics]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - top liner
Zoom Fast Black Lash (MAC) - mascara

Magenta (MAC) - lipliner
Chatterbox (MAC) -lipstick
Liberated (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Style Warriors]

and here he is.....


I swear, he has got to be one of the best performers I've seen. 
I HIGHLY recommend you all to check out his show when he's in your area

Friday, April 15, 2011

MAC Cosmetics: Quite Cute // CUTiE

MAC's "Quite Cute" spring collection is all about pastels and soft colorful and girly. I created 2 looks (Day & Night) using the CUTiE eyeshadow quad. Enjoy!

TOP (left, right): Moshi Moshi / Goody Goody Gum Drop
Boycrazy / Azuki Bean


Mineralize SPF15 Foundation (MAC) - foundation
Mineralize Skin Finish (MAC) - powder
Sakura (MAC) - blush

Brule (MAC) - browbone
Boycrazy (MAC) - crease
Azuki Bean (MAC) - inner & outer corner
Moshi Moshi! (MAC) - center of lid
Iris Accents pencil (MAC) - lower lashline [l.e: Magic, Mirth, and Mischief]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - top liner
Zoom Fast Black Lash (MAC) - mascara

Summerfruit (MAC) -lipliner
Orange Soda (NYX) - lipstick
Going Casual creamsheen (MAC) -lipgloss [l.e: In The Groove]


Careblend Essential Oils (MAC) - moisture
Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC) - foundation
Select Sheer pressed (MAC) - powder
Sakura (MAC) - blush

Moshi Moshi (MAC) - highlight & inner corner
Goody Goody Gum Drop (MAC) - browbone
Boy Crazy (MAC) - crease & lower lid
Blackground paint pot (MAC) - eyelid base
Azuki Bean (MAC) - eyelid
Smolder eye kohl (MAC) - top liner
Iris Accent (MAC) - bottom liner [l.e: Magic, Mirth, and Mischief]
Zoom Fast Black Lash (MAC) - mascara

In Synch (MAC) - lipliner
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lipstick
Going Casual creamsheen (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: In The Groove]

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Monochromatic: PINKS!

I usually don't wear pinks. I like how pinks look on people with darker skin for some reason. On me, I feel like it looks too girly girl. I dont know :) lol but I wanted pink to throw up on my face so here's the look I came up with. Let me know what you think!

Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - powder foundation
Pro Longwear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage 
Harmony (MAC) - cheek contour 
Pink Swoon (MAC) - blush

Hush (MAC) - brow highlight
V.I.P. (MAC) - crease [l.e: Heatherette]
Forgery (MAC) - lid
Bright Fuchsia pigment (MAC) - lower lid [MAC Pro product]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - top eyeliner
Zero 24/7 glide on pencil (Urban Decay) - waterline
False Black (MAC) - mascara

Dervish (MAC) - lipliner
Viva Glam Gaga (MAC) - lipstick
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lipgloss

Monday, April 4, 2011


I just did what ever. I like the idea of warming up cool tones. So I made everything bronzy to compliment the smokey silver on my eyes. Enjoy!

Mineralize SPF15 (MAC) - foundation
Mineralize Skin Finish natural (MAC) - powder
Gold Lariat Mineralize (MAC) - bronzer [l.e: Wonder Woman]
Golden Lemon pigment (MAC) - highlight

Daisychain (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Originals]
Bamboo (MAC) - crease
Blackground paint pot (MAC) - lid base
Silver Ring (MAC) - lid
Black Tied (MAC) - outer corner
Smolder eye kohl (MAC) - lashline
Blue Brown pigment (MAC) - lower lid
False Black (MAC) - mascara
#34 (MAC) - lashes

Summerfruit (MAC) - lipliner
Crush (Rimmel) - lipstick
I.Want.Candy dazzleglass creme (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Alice & Olivia]

Friday, April 1, 2011

ice dreaming

So a few weeks ago I was shopping my stash and I found an old eyeshadow I've had forever. So I've literally been wearing it everyday for the past week and I'm obsessed. I wanted to create a trendy iced out eye. A spring break from a smokey eye. :) ENJOY!

Mineralize Satin Finish (MAC) - foundation
ProLong Wear concealer (MAC) - under eye coverage
Studio Careblend Pressed (MAC) - powder
Dame (MAC) - blush
Overdyed (MAC) - blush (applied on at the apples) [l.e: Jeanius]
Candlelight (Too Faced) - highlight

Brule (MAC) - browbone
Lady Justice (MAC) - highlight [l.e: Wonder Woman]
Bamboo (MAC) - crease
Blue Myosotis 55 (Bourjois) - lid & lower lid
Sugar Pie eye pencil (Flirt!) - lower waterline
False Black (MAC) - mascara
Elegant Lashes #747

Dervish (MAC) - lipliner
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (MAC) - lipstick
Viva Glam Gaga (MAC) - gloss