Friday, February 25, 2011

WONDER WOMAN: Lady Justice

I haven't used blues in a while and I wanted to do a smokey eye using the Lady Justice quad that came out with MAC's Wonder Woman collection. It's my favorite quad at the moment it makes my eyes stand out like crazy :). I highly recommend it for those of you with brown eyes! Enjoy!

Care Blends Essential Oils (MAC)
Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC)
Select Sheer pressed powder (MAC)
Brit Wit cremeblend blush (MAC)

Bisque (MAC) - browbone
Insurmountable (MAC) - crease
Bold Babe (MAC) - inner & outer corners / lash line
Lady Justice (MAC) - highlight & center of lid
Smolder eye kohl (MAC) - top and bottom lash line
False Black (MAC) - mascara

Magenta (MAC) - lip liner
Total Wow (MAC) - lipstick [l.e: Magic, Mirth, & Mischief]
Viva Glam Gaga (MAC) - lipgloss

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Naturally Pink

Strobe Cream (MAC)
Studio Sculpt foundation (MAC)
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (MAC)
Flaunt (Lorac) - blush
Candlelight (Too Faced) - highlight

Bamboom paint (MAC) - base
Bough Grey (MAC) - crease [l.e: Liberty of London]
Daisychain (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Originals]
Baby Petals (MAC) - lid [l.e: Heatherette]
V.I.P (MAC) - above outer crease [l.e: Meatherette]
On The Hunt Super Slick liquid liner (MAC) - top liner
El Dorado 24/7 Glide on pencil (Urban Decay) - bottom liner
False Black (MAC) - mascara

Marquise D (MAC) - lipstick [l.e: Wonder Woman]
Schemer (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Fabulous Felines]

I've been commited to being a makeup hoarder lately and I wanted to share with everyone these beautiful mineral blushes I bought from Lorac Cosmetics. The colors are so beautiful and I couldn't resist.

"Flaunt" & "Plush"

These are Baked Matte Satin blushes. They don't deliver much shimmer but the satin sheen in it gives the skin a nice glow. They are very build-able and easy to blend.

I wanted to create a soft look by having "Flaunt" be the main focus of the makeup. I don't prefer pink blushes, especially cool toned ones, but I really liked the glowiness of it and it blends very nicely with golden highlights.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I got a few things from MAC's Wonder Woman collection. This look was made using the Valiant eyeshadow quad and the massive Emancipation lipglass. Out of the quads, I think the green one was more unique and prettier :) Enjoy

- Mineralize SPF 15 foundation (MAC)
- Prolongwear concealer (MAC)
- Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (MAC)
- Personal Style blush (MAC) - contour
- Garb blush (MAC) - cheeks

MAC Wonder Woman eyeshadow quad Valiant
- Spinning Transformation - crease
- Diana Undercover - outer corner
- Valiant - lid
- Brule (MAC) - browbone
- Manila Paper - highlight & inner corner

- Subculture (MAC) - lipliner
- Viva Glam V (MAC) - lipstick
- Emancipation (MAC) - lipgloss

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MAC Cosmetics survey

First and foremost I want to thank all the new friends I have that are following! Thank you so much and a "hello again" to those of you from myspace and youtube! And a big thanks to my girl Jen to introducing me to the beauty blog world!

I've seen this survey done by others several years ago. Now I get to it YAY! I thought it was appropriate because I use a lot of MAC. Also because I'm new to this beauty blogging and I want to share what I love from MAC!

How long have you been using MAC?
-Well I've bought lipstick here and there in the early 2000's. I started being on the religious side with MAC around the time when the Barbie-Fafi collection came out.
What was your first MAC product?
-It was either Black Tied eyeshadow or Rainbow lip lacquer
What’s your all time favourite MAC product?
-the brand as a whole I would say the lipsticks. High Tea was a specific lipstick I was loyal to.
What’s your least favourite MAC product?
-Studio Fix Fluid foundation. I have very dry skin and it's way too drying for my skin.
Do you own a Pro Card?

-No. I used to..
Your MAC foundation shade?]
I bounce between NC25-NC30. I'm also Medium
What’s your favourite MAC foundation?
-arrgg that's hard. I like Mineralize spf15 foundation and Studio Sculpt.
-I'm a blush hoarder! I love Margin, Style, and My Highland Honey. Basically anything orangy.
-I'm also a powder hoarder. I like the Mineralize skinfinishes. However I mostly use the Select Sheer pressed or loose.
- JUICED! I love that color and I hate the it's discontinued :( Burnt Orange is the closest which is a pro color. My other favorites would be Motif, Plumage,  Steamy, and Patina
- Ravishing, Siss, Shy girl, and Viva Glam Cyndi. Again basically anything orangy.
-Dreamy, Enchantress, Revealing
-Blacktrack fluidline and Teddy eye kohl
- Oh man that's hard. I love #182 for all skin stuff and the #212 and #217 for eyes
Nail Laquer:
- I've been making my own nail polishes with the pigments lately. The best nail lacquers are always the limited edition ones. I loved Blue India (I think that's the name of it) that came out with the Liberty of London collection.
Pro Product:
- Mixing medium
Comment on the following MAC product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.
Prep & Prime Skin:
- I love it! Foundation looks so much better with it. 
Full Coverage Foundation:
- I never tried it :)
Studio Sculpt Foundation:
- I love it! It's great for dry skin. The coverage is good but I like to sheer it out with the Mac essential oils.
Face & Body Foundation:
I never tried it :)
Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation:
- This is one I've been using lately. I always have to moisturize the hell out of my face in order for it to look nice and smooth. I do like the Satin finish!
Studio Fix Fluid:
- Waay to matte for my own skin. I think it looks better for people with oily skin. I hate it on me.
Hyper Real Foundation:
I never tried it :)
Select SPF15 Foundation:
- I do love Select. It's a good foundation that give me a nice smooth natural finish.
Studio Tech Foundation:
I never tried it :) However it is one I've been wanting to try on myself because it looks amazing on people.
Studio Fix Powder:
- I love it. I used to use this all the time when I was going youtube tutorials. I love how smooth it makes the skin look. It's also very quick and easy to apply. It looks great on top of the Studio moisture tint.
Studio Stick:
- I've contoured with it which is nice but a never tried it as an all over foundation.
Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
I never tried it :)
Beauty Powder:
- It depends. Some of them are too pink to be used as a highlighting powder. I do like the more golden colors. 
Sculpt and Shape Powders:
- They're great. However I almost never use it. :|
Loose Blot Powder:
- I LOVE the loose blot powder. I used to have an oily T-zone and I did like the matte finish at one point. I just loved how soft it made your skin look and feel.
Pressed Blot Powder:
- I love using them when I'm doing freelance work becasue they're so compact and easy to use.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
- They make as a good powder to wear on top of any foundation. They also give a nice natural look when it's worn alone.
Mineralize Skinfinish:
- I don't use them much I don't really no why. :|
Bronzing Powder:
- I don't use bronzing powder that often.  :|
Powder Blush:
- I LOVE even more. I love it's long lasting ability and the dewey finish
Mineralize Blush:
- I LOVE also. It's a nice shimmer and glow. I've been using Gentle lately.
Gel Blush:
I never tried it :) I've tried gel blushes in general but not one's from Mac
Cream Colour Base:
-I don't really care for them. 
Studio Sculpt Concealer:
- I love using them on blemishes or any other discoloration that has a dry texture. 
Select Cover Up Concealer:
- I've normally used these to highlight my skin. I'm not too much a fan of the matte finish.
Select Moisturecover Concealer:
- This is one of the better concealers. It's a little more on the sheer side and great for under the eye.
Studio Finish Concealer:
- I used to use this but I find that it's a little too full coverage for my liking. 
Studio Stick:
I never tried it :)
Lip Erase:
- I don't really use it. You can do the same thing with concealer. However it is more moisturizing to lip than a concealer
Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I never tried it :)
- I LOOOOVVVEE!! I pretty much like all the finishes. I'm not too much a fan of the frost lipsticks unless it's a dark color.
- I love! and I have too many!
See Thru Lip Colour:
I never tried it :)
- I love them. Not really as much as I used to. But I still think they're great
Cremesheen Glass:
- I love these too. Partial to Pink is my favorite .
Lip Gelee:
- I do like the glittery ones Mac has been coming out with lately. The other ones are too sheer for my liking.
Lip Pencil:
-Love them!
Solar Bits:
- They're ok. I've only tried it once. I'd rather blend it into something like a foundation rather than using it in it's powder form.
Nail Lacquer:
- Love them!
- I'm not too crazy about these. I just don't like the pencil application of it,
- This are great because they're sheer and smooth. It's also a quick and easy way to keep your shadow from creasing.
Paint Pots:
- I love paint pots because they give a little bit more color intensity than the paints do.
- I LOVE! I have too many! 
- I LOVE!! The colors are gorgeous and I love playing with them by mixing colors together and wetting them! 
- I love these. I like how fine the glitter pieces are.
Eye Kohl:
-Great for easy smokey eyes!
I never tried it :)
Liquid Last Liner:
- The colors are great and the staying power is out of this world. They can be a little on the thick side but I don't care too much.
Lustre Drops:
- Gorgeous. 
False Lashes:
- I only use the one's that are more unique like #44's and #43's
ProLash Mascara:
I never tried it :)
- Don't really care for it much. It's too clumpy.
Plush Lash Mascara:
I never tried it :)
Fibre Rich Lash Mascara:
- I love it. It gives a nice curl and volume without the clumps
Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I never tried it :)
What has been your favourite MAC collection to date?
- Out if the big and largely promoted collections I would say Fafi because I love the color story and everything was gorgeous! Out of the smaller collections I would say that I loved the Cool Heat collection because I love orange and blues together. I love orangy lips and the collection came out with some of the most beautiful blue eyeshadows I own!
Which MAC collection in your opinion do you think was disappointing, if any?
-Hello Kitty and Barbie. I just thought the packaging was prettier than the actual makeup.
What products do you think MAC are missing?
- Geez I don't know. Glittery eyeliners I guess.