Friday, September 30, 2011

Gold Persimmon

I love creating looks on face charts! I made a couple of eye looks on face charts that I will attempt to duplicate on my eyes. Enjoy!! And yes it's another orange looks.. I need to retire that color for a while :(
Now it's not going to look exactly the same because colors are more intense on white paper. I did change a couple things like the liner extended on the inner eye and the darkness of the mascara.

Studio Fix Powder (MAC) - foundation
Studio Finish (MAC) - spot concealer
Refined Golden (MAC) - bronzer
Cherry Blossom (Cargo) - blush

Chamomile (MAC) - browbone [l.e: Warm & Cozy]
Outre (MAC) - crease [l.e: Mac Me Over]
Persimmon (Ben Nye) - lid
Melon pigment (MAC) - center of lid
Heritage Rouge pigment (MAC) - lower lid [l.e: Makeup Art Cosmetics]
Blacktrack fluidline (MAC) - eye liner
It Curl (Flirt) - mascara

717 Coffee jumbo lip pencil (NYX) - liner
Now In Season lip gelee (MAC) - lipgloss [l.e: Fashion Flower]


  1. Gorgeous makeup you do! New Follower =)

  2. Looks gorgeous! i really want to learn how to put makeup on a face chart!

  3. u have a perfect face chart eye! love it apey!